Christine Allen

Christine has her studio at Mount Pleasant Eco Park, Porthtowan, in the largest earth structure in the U.K.
Being on a hilltop, surrounded by evidence of past mine workings, and farming,  experiencing the lands changing moods and seasons,  creates a stimulating and inspirational place to work.
‘Here I feel a strong physical and mental connection with the land and the elements, the present and the past. My paintings are not material places but reflect the combination of thoughts – real and imaginary visions, conscious and subconscious, experience and memory and a balance between nature and human presence.
Often my thought process is triggered by something glimpsed out of context, sometimes perhaps mundane and overlooked but to me contains a wealth of visual information to be drawn upon. The marks in the landscape made by man, the colours and textures in stone walls, lichen against blue sky and peeling paint!

Chris is a member of Penwith Society of Artists and St Ives Art Club, and is a long standing member of an Artist led Gallery in St Ives.  She also is a trustee for The Down to Earth Foundation, a not for profit organisation promoting sustainable living and building.