Terence Burgess

Colours and shapes formed my foundation in art, winning me a scholarship for Art and Design at the All Saints School of Art, Manchester, at a young age.  However, more important family responsibilities arose, but I continued to paint whenever possible.  Then the paint had to go back in the box and football and music took over.
Travelling back and forth from Manchester to Cornwall became unsettling, so I decided to stay in Cornwall and try to return to art, exhibiting whenever possible.  Then came a change in art from the canvas to the land, in the form of landscape design, working and building with organic materials.  It’s been a fabulous journey for me for the past 30 years.  Now, turning full circle, I am back at the easel, painting between St. Ives and Newlyn, exhibiting work at various galleries.
Quirky composition with an organic tactile feel is where I am at the moment in the never ending exploration into the world that is art, revisiting areas of art that are familiar to me.  Composition, colour and form will all manifest into the image I have in mind.  Colours will come and go as the image unfolds, sometimes a short engaging story will act as a companion in the journey to completion.  Art - be creative, be free, but be yourself.