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Original: width 750mm x height 1000mm


By Rachael Foster

- There’s more bounce with every ounce -

This painting was roused shall we say, by playfully combining, quite simply, two puddings that, well, wobble and bounce.

Jell-O was once only for the well-to-do in the Victorian era, and became the mainstream product we fondly remember from our childhood with the help of new technologies such as refrigeration. Its popularity hitting an all time high during the baby boomer years.  The dazzling colour of Jelly in its exciting, mysterious form, still a wonder as an adult, set the scene, inspiring the drama of a vintage travelling carnival with rides, games of chance, freak shows and burlesque taking audiences on a journey into fantasy and spectacle - just like Jelly.  Who better to combine Jell-O with than the American house hold name, the biggest in Burlesque, Dita Von Tesse, a beauty styled on 1930s cabarets and clubs.

Be prepared for this printed artwork to take you on a journey of fantasy and spectacle.

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About the artist

I'm a contemporary artist; my romantic themes contemplate the passing of time, blending together a mixture of eclectic vintage sensibilities with modern atmospherics. My work is a witty and engaging style of painting, intelligently conceived with a comedic twist. Light and carefree, bold and immediate, each Rachael Foster piece is distinctive and innately feminine

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12 month calender

Canvas 20mm deep stretcher
A ready-to-hang 410gsm Poly-Cotton Matt canvas stretched over a 20mm deep stretcher with an acrylic satin coating to protect against scuffs and UV light. The edges are mirrored over from the front.

Canvas 40mm deep stretcher
As with the 20mm canvas, but a much deeper 40mm stretcher creates more of a box-like effect on the wall.

German Etching
This heavyweight etching board is velvety smooth with a fine surface texture, and is one of the most popular media worldwide for artwork and photography. A heavyweight paper at 310gsm

a bright white Archival Matt paper with a smooth matt surface. It creates vivid, high contrast results for both photographs and fine art. A medium weight paper at 230gsm

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Photo Rag
has a fine, smooth surface and feel, ideal for printing both black and white and colour photographs and art reproductions with impressive pictorial depth. A heavyweight paper at 308gsm

Pruf Semi-gloss
a premium photo paper with a semi-gloss/satin/lustre finish. Great for high quality colour prints, and is water resistant after printing. A heavyweight paper at 260gsm